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Premier Coating - Roofing

We at Premier Coatings know that a primer provides a more uniform appearance

and a longer-lasting finish.

We apply protective coatings and Paints to External Walls and Roofs.

Premier Coating - External Coatings

We use quality exterior paint:

  • Color retention refers to tinted paints only. The paint's ability to maintain its original color during exposure determines its color retention.
  • Chalking resistance prevents the white chalky powder from forming on the surface and lightening the color of the paint. Chalking occurs over a period of time when the binder slowly degrades. The telltale streaking of paint (chalk run-down) is one consequence of using a paint that isn't chalk-resistant.
  • Blister resistance will keep excessive moisture from coming through the substrate and affecting the paint layer. If paint is applied over a damp or wet surface, you can count on an unwanted blistering problem.


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We are based in Glasgow and cover the surrounding areas.

About Us

We are a friendly, reliable, family roofing company and have been in the roofing trade for many years.

We are based in Glasgow and work throughout Central Scotland.

All our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured.

We provide reliable services and all our products are from well established companies with good reputations. We carry out all the work ourselves, no sub-contracting and no job is too small. We have the experience and expertise so all the work carried out is of a high standard, no short cuts. 



Our Services ...

We specialise in roof coatings.

The roof is prepared by cleaning all the debris, dirt, moss and algae that may have formed, over time.

A primer is painted on to help the paint adhere to the roof.

The roof coating paint is then applied.

There are many advantages of having the roof coated; to protect it for longer from the natural elements of the weather as well as from an aesthetically point of view. Roof coatings provide a practical as well as being a protective surface.

We provide a gutter cleaning service and undertake all gutter repairs and upgrades.

In need of a gutter repair?

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Gutters provide an essential job of allowing the rain water to disperse from the roof, into the gutters and downpipes, diverting into the drains.

Gutter can become blocked by dirt, debris, leaves, bird nests etc., if this occurs then the rain water fails to flow through the system and problems emerge as the water will find a way out somewhere.  To avoid problems such as dampness, which if left small problems can lead to larger and more expensive ones; in some cases the structure of the property may be at risk.

We recommend having gutters checked at least once a year, for peace of mind.

We also carry out fascia and soffit repairs and upgrades.

Soffits can be seen from looking up at the underside of the roof, ventilated soffits can be installed, these allow for the air to circulate to help prevent condensation from entering the roof space.

The upvc fascias and soffits are have many advantages over the older type fascias and soffits and require very little maintenance in comparrison.

We recommend upgrading the gutters at the same time, if necessary.



We provide a repair service for both roof verge and re-bed or replace the ridge tiles.

We also upgrade to dry roofing systems, which offer much more stability, and have more advantages over the mortar bedded systems including little or no maintenance.  The dry roofing systems are much more durable and keep birds from nesting and causing problems in the roof space.

Dry verge systems are more durable, stable and keep the birds and other things from gaining access to the roof space where further damage might be caused.  There is a choice of colour, shape and design available.

Dry ridge systems mechanically keep the ridge tiles in place, thus providing greater stability and durability than mortar based fixings.


We work with all modern protective coating products.

We always use a primer where it is necessary to help paint adhere to the surface.
We can repaint over existing coatings.

We use only good quality materials.

There is a choice of colours to choose from, in bright or dark colours.



Premier Coating - Drives - Paths - Patio

We Lay new or revive driveways, paths and Patio Area.
We apply protective coatings to Driveways and repair any holes or damaged areas.



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