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Types of Exterior Paint

Solvent-based (oil or alkyd): Oil-based paint dries slower than latex - usually taking 24 hours to cure.

It cleans up with turpentine or paint thinner.

Oil-based is the best choice if you're going to paint over a surface that's already been painted with an oil-based paint.

Latex should not be used over an oil-based paint because it will peel.

Water-based (latex): Latex paint dries fast and cleans up easier than oil-based paint, requiring only soap and water.

Another advantage is that latex expands in warmer temperatures and contracts in cooler temperatures so it's durable under varying conditions.


Paint Finishes

Sheen describes the degree of light reflection paint has.

Usually the less sheen paint has, the less stain-resistant it is.

Different manufacturers may have various trade names for them, but in general sheens are classified as follows:

Gloss is the toughest.

It cleans easily and resists scuffs better so it's a good choice for areas in constant use, like door jambs and window casings. For shutters and trimwork, gloss paint provides a nice contrast to the siding.

Gloss paint will, however, show imperfections in the surface more than other sheens.

Semi-gloss paints are also durable and easy to clean, but have less shine than gloss.

They are, however, just as suitable for trim work and casings.

Satin (sometimes referred to as eggshell or low luster) offers a good combination of easy-clean and moderate sheen.

It works well on siding that's in good condition.

Flat paint is the best choice for vinyl and aluminum siding that's scratched or dented because it hides imperfections well and spatters less when applied.

It's also easier to touch up.


Roof Colours

Exterior painting

The benefits of exterior painting include;

- It transforms the appearance of your home
- It protects your home from the elements
- It eliminates the need for future painting
- The paint we use will not chip, flake or peel
- Weatherproof.
- Allows breathable walls due to being micropourous.
- Hides surface imperfections, and existing blemishes.