Decorative fascias

There are choices of colour, shapes and sizes of fascias.

Vented fascias, which allow the air to flow through to help prevent condensation from occurring in the roof space.

Colour options

We offer fascias in a range of colours.

Colours should match, or contrast with your home.


Fascias & Soffits

Fascia boards are often long, straight boards and are usually either PVC or timber. The job of the fascia board is to support the eaves tiles which are shorter tiles that are fixed to the roof around the lower edges.


Your fascias also support the weight of the gutter, and must be strong enough to support the eaves tiles and the gutter even during a heavy downpour or after snowfall.


There are two types of fascia board; replacement fascias and capping fascias. Replacement fascias tend to be thicker, and therefore stronger, and will usually be fixed directly onto the rafters to support the eaves tiles and gutters. Capping fascia boards are usually fixed directly onto a backing board, and are more aesthetic.

Our prices

We will happily give you a free quote at any time, just call. We offer all of our fascia boards at affordable prices, each price depends on the size of the job.