Dry roofing systems


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Why choose dry roofing systems?

Using mortar to secure vulnerable areas of the roof, such as the verge, will inevitably lead to future maintenance. However because dry-fix roofing systems are mechanically fixed;

- It is safe and secure and offers better resistance to wind uplift
- Fixing isn't a problem in bad weather due to mortar not being used
- Fixing is fast and simple and no specialist tools are required, reducing the overall cost

Dry ridge

Dry ridge produces a neat ridge line of traditional appearance and also provides high-level ventilation, they are also weathertight and maintenance free saving you alot a trouble.

Dry verge

The neat interlocking Units preserve a ‘stepped’ appearance to the verge, they are also suitable for refurbishment and new build homes/ buildings. Dry verge systems are strong and durable, simple and fast to install, and mechanically fixed making them less susceptible to wind uplift and other weather damage.