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About Us

  • We always use a primer where it is necessary to help paint adhere to the surface.
  • We can repaint over existing, bright or dark, colors.



We work with all modern protective coating products.

We at Premier Coatings know that a primer provides a more uniform appearance and a longer-lasting finish.

We apply protective coatings and paints to external walls and roofs.

We use quality exterior paint:

  • Color retention refers to tinted paints only. The paint's ability to maintain its original color during exposure determines its color retention.
  • Chalking resistance prevents the white chalky powder from forming on the surface and lightening the color of the paint. Chalking occurs over a period of time when the binder slowly degrades. The telltale streaking of paint (chalk run-down) is one consequence of using a paint that isn't chalk-resistant.
  • Blister resistance will keep excessive moisture from coming through the substrate and affecting the paint layer. If paint is applied over a damp or wet surface, you can count on an unwanted blistering problem.


We Lay new or revive driveways, paths and Patio Area.
We apply protective coatings to Driveways and repair any holes or damaged areas.